Volvo Ocean Race preview

Volvo Ocean Race Preview

I love the Volvo Ocean Race!  For the 2014 -2015 race I was following and rooting for Team SCA in particular.  I would look at my phone ap first thing in the morning and the last thing at night to find out the latest information.  For the Newport stop over I was able to volunteer at the race village and that was a lot of fun.  I was even entrusted with holding the actual trophy!

First Mate Kia with Race trophy
Kia with Race trophy

We watched the in-port racing and the departure from Newport from AlyKat.  I am hoping for a sunny and warm May of 2018 so that we can enjoy the same upclose viewing with a few guests onboard.

Volvo Ocean Race in Newport 2015
Volvo Ocean Race in Newport 2015

Today when Captain Al and I were on AlyKat cleaning to get her in tip top shape for the season, Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing motored by us on its way back from a practice sail.  Team Vestas  are in Newport for a few more days until they head back across the Atlantic.  Next time they are here will be the 2018 Newport stopover.  Race starts October 2017 — so much fun to follow!

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