mono versus multihull sailnboats

The Top Two Advantages of Sailing on a Catamaran

“Why charter a sail on a catamaran?” you might ask. Well, when trying to understand what makes a sail on a catamaran different than a traditional sailboat, you have to understand the basic structure of the boat.

Catamarans have two hulls, with a sail balanced in the middle. Regular sailboats have only one hull, and the keel balances the sail. So what does this translate to in terms of your sailing experience?

You’ll experience a smoother ride on a catamaran.

Because of the two hulls, the boat stays relatively flat in the water. You won’t find yourself struggling to keep your balance like you would in a sailboat that tips with the wind. The two hulls also tend to balance out the ups and downs of waves. This makes it especially nice for groups with older (or younger) people that appreciate stability. Not to mention it also is pretty convenient when you’re pouring yourself a beverage and want to set it on the table!

You’ll have more room to move around on a catamaran.

Inside our boat, the AlyKat, the two hulls have ample room for two bedrooms and two bathrooms (heads), and the expanse connecting the hulls has a kitchen (galley) and lounge area. Outside you’ll find even more room, with a comfortable seating area and table in the back and a webbed “trampoline” in the front, complete with beanbag chairs.

So what are you waiting for? Charter a sail on AlyKat!

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