Frequently Asked Questions

 What can we expect from a Newport Day Sail?

A sample day may start off sailing out passed Castle Hill light house and Beaver Tail which is the southern most part of Jamestown. When we start feeling hungry we can return to Mackerel Cove in Jamestown and drop anchor.  In addition to being a good spot for lunch on the boat, it is also a great place for a dip in the ocean and maybe a Stand Up Paddleboard break.  On our way back to Newport we can sail under the majestic Newport bridge and hopefully watch a great sunset before we return back to our home mooring.  This is your day at sea so please let us know if you have any special requests!

I’ve been sailing, but never on a catamaran. What is it like?

Because of its dual hulls, a catamaran is very stable. It does not lean over like a monohull, providing you with a very comfortable experience. Catamarans are also very spacious; both below and above deck there is plenty of real estate. We particularly enjoy lounging in the bean bag chairs on the forward trampoline.

What if there’s no wind?

Happily that seldom happens. (There’s a reason Newport is one of the world’s sailing capitals after all!) However, in the rare occasion where the wind dies we won’t get stranded. AlyKat has motors for backup.

Where are you located?

AlyKat is on a mooring in Newport Harbor.  Oldport launch provides convenient and comfortable transportation to the mooring.  The launch leaves from Sayer’s Wharf to the right of The Mooring restaurant.

What is NewportKat’s Cancellation Policy?

For day sails we require a 72 hour advance notice, for longer sails 1 week notice.  The captain will determine if a sail has to be cancelled due to weather conditions.

What is your sailing season?

Depending on the weather we are usually available from May through October in Newport.