Memorial Day Weekend Sail

Catamaran in the sun
Sun and wind in our sails

The sun finally came out on Saturday and we had great guests onboard for a beautiful sail around Newport.  Brenda and Rick were able to watch the beautiful views from the trampoline as the wind moved us forward.  We were not the only ones out at sea taking advantage of the great sailing weather.

After the sail we stayed on our mooring feasting on grilled shish kebabs, salads, burgers, home made rhubarb strawberry pie and a glass of red wine or two.  The sunset was a really beautiful ending to a fun day at sea.  Looking forward to many more this season!

Volvo Ocean Race preview

Volvo Ocean Race Preview

I love the Volvo Ocean Race!  For the 2014 -2015 race I was following and rooting for Team SCA in particular.  I would look at my phone ap first thing in the morning and the last thing at night to find out the latest information.  For the Newport stop over I was able to volunteer at the race village and that was a lot of fun.  I was even entrusted with holding the actual trophy! Continue reading “Volvo Ocean Race Preview”


First Sail on AlyKat Watching Laser Racing

We took AlyKat out for a quick sail with some friends and came upon the Newport Laser regatta.  It was fun watching  the racing up close.  Captain Al is an experienced laser racer so he knew where we could watch the race close by without interfering with the regatta itself.  It was a little cool today but it was great being out on the water again.

Watching Laser racing from AlyKat
Watching Laser racing from AlyKat in Newport RI

Spring Cleaning, Catamaran Style

After being in dry dock all winter, we gave AlyKat a nice new coat of paint in preparation for this year’s charter season. It was a bit nippy for outdoor work (especially after spending the winter in Florida), but we survived. She’s now comfortably back at her mooring in Newport harbor. Can’t wait to get back to sailing!

AlyKat gets a paint job
AlyKat get a fresh coat of paint in preparation for Newport charter sailing.

We Love our Music on AlyKat

Okay. So we’re new to this whole blogging thing, but we decided it would be fun to let our guests get to know us a little bit. There’s no better place to start than with music. One of our favorite things about being on AlyKat is having the chance to drop anchor in the evening, have a glass of wine, and enjoy some good tunes. Being in Newport provides the added advantage of access to fun festivals like Newport Folk and Newport Jazz. Last summer we had the chance to see the fabulous Nora Jones. Check her out.