Family time on catamaran

Cyndi M

My husband has been dreaming about owning a Catamaran and I wanted to surprise him with a sail. Newport Kat made it possible for us to have that opportunity. We were able to get our daughters and their boyfriends to join us for the day which made it even more enjoyable. Kia and Captain Al were waiting for us and they made us feel welcome before we were even on board. The hospitality they offer is genuine and sincere which makes it really easy to relax. Hanging out on the trampoline with our kids and listening to music as we watched the sails unfurl was pure heaven. Later we stopped to do some paddle boarding and had lunch at the table on the deck. Captian Al and Kia were very helpful to inexperienced paddle boarders and had us up and running in no time! We were then given an informative tour of Newport Harbor and learned a lot of interesting facts about the waterfront. We also enjoyed looking at the variety of boats that we saw along the way. We had a perfect day with family that we will look back on and value for years to come.