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Traveling to New Zealand: Home of the 2021 America’s Cup

Taking advantage of our sailing charter’s off season, Captain Al and I headed down under to New Zealand. After one long flight and a few shorter flights we spotted the shoreline of New Zealand. What a beautiful coast line that is! We arrived from the west and on a beautiful clear day and we could see miles and miles of coastline .

West coast of the North Island
As we arrived in New Zealand, we could see the West coast of the North Island


Our first stop was Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city and the current home of the America’s Cup. The next challenge to the Cup will commence on March 6th, 2021 in Auckland. Preceding the America’s Cup is the Prada Cup which will start in January of 2021. The winner of the Prada Cup will earn the right to challenge New Zealand for the America’s Cup.

Captain Al and I arrived in Auckland mid day and decided to go for a walk around town after sitting up in the air for so long. As soon as we got to the waterfront we could see the preparations for 2021. New hotels and restaurants  are being built as well as construction by the docks that will house the boats, spectators etc.

The America’s Cup store is up and running so I made sure we got some merchandise to show off in Newport this summer. (The New York Yacht Club has announced an entry, American Magic,  and as they have a large presence in Newport,  the Cup will hopefully be coming back to Newport soon….)

Getting our merchandise
America’s Cup Team New Zealand open for business

What really was amazing about our visit to New Zealand (I will write a travel blog later) was how much every New Zealander knows about the America’s Cup. Not only do they know about the upcoming defense of the Cup but also it’s history. New Zealand is a small country and this is a really big deal for them.  When I would tell a Kiwi that we were going to win the Cup back to Newport the standard answer was “I don’t think so,” said with a smile. I will of course root for American Magic but if they don’t bring it back I will be cheering for my Kiwi friends!

I gained some new additional Cup knowledge as well by visiting the excellent Maritime Museum in Auckland. Outside of the museum is the  KZ1boat that challenged San Diego’s Stars and Stripes.

KZ1 “The Big Boat”
KZ1 “The Big Boat” on display at the Maritime Museum in Auckland

Inside of the museum there is a a lot of information about New Zealand and the America’s Cup as well as. NZL 32,  nicknamed “Black Magic,” that won the Cup in 1995 is displayed in one of the main halls.

“Black Magic” won the Cup in 1995
“Black Magic” won the Cup in 1995

I will hopefully be able to see American Magic’s Mule practice in the waters around Newport this summer. Shown below, it is a smaller version of the actual American Magic).  If I spot them I will try to take some video for future postings.  And hey, if you come sail with us maybe you can see them for yourself!

Until then I will sort through all of my New Zealand pictures with the hopes of putting my thoughts together for a travel blog.

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